Energy Transformation

Media Proposal: to Present a Scientific Debate
Topic: to Challenge the Present Understanding of Science and Correct Scientific Mistakes of the Past that have not been Rectified

  • The Scientific Question: Is 0°Kelvin a Temperature only, or is it an Electromagnetic existence that radiates the effects of (cold) Temperature?

  • Since 1848 the scientific community has viewed 0°Kelvin as temperature only. This is the coldest possible state that exists and occupies the vast Universal expanse. Recent evidence indicates that 0°Kelvin is an electro-magnetic existence (opposite to our Sun) that radiates the effects of cold temperature (-273°C or -459°F). This proposes the electro-state of 0°Kelvn interacts with the Laws of Universal (Mass) Physics. This identifies the state of 0°Kelvin to be a Universal force to do work.

Key Points:

1. My aim is to correct past scientific history. This proposal clearly introduces new scientific evidence that depicts a completely different picture of the Universe, other than what science had assumed until now, which I am able to prove. And if this new proposal is correct, then scientific history is in the making.

2. The Debate focus is to be on Universal Temperature 0°Kelvin = -273°C or -459°F. The intellectual challenge is: Scientific Credibility. At present, orthodox Science views 0°Kelvin as temperature only, and identifies 0Kelvin with degree symbol missing?

3. The Debate would be comprehensible and intellectually stimulating to viewers and open the doors towards a new world stage of scientific history.

4. The Viewers and Audience should participate in the performance of arguments and evidence. The Media host would lead the proposed Questions and Comments during debate based on the evidence presented. (Select an Audience that would have a common understanding of science).

5. My Credibility includes studies in History, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering for the past 30 years.I consider myself to be an Independent Scientist (in private studies) and financially independent.

My evidence:

1) Knowledge in the history of science.            

2) News Paper declaration dated 1979 to my Scientific Claim;

3) The creation of The Pride of Humanity, a 19 year span to build;

4) My intellectual claim: The 0°Kelvin Thesis, which is the 1st part of additional scientific proposals to follow.

6. Participating Debaters, Me and 2 to 3 University professors (or a panel of Senior scientists) that are familiar with Universal Laws and major in studies of Theoretical Physics

Additional Corrections to Scientific History:

7. The symbol of temperature ‘°’ and the mathematical importance in the rules of thermodynamic laws, which should represent ‘Zero ‘degree’ Kelvin’ temperature, is missing. The point is that symbols represents identification of temperature, and that 99% of world population has no idea who or what ‘0Kelvin’ is, unless we correctly apply the mathematical symbol that represents the temperature of ‘0°Kelvin’ equivalence.

8. The term Energy, until now, has not been properly defined. It means and describes the nature of a Force to do work. According to Science, the term Energy exists ONLY in three (physical) Mass states: Gases, Liquids & Solids- these elements are made of Atoms. The problem begins here. My proposal is that the term Energy also exists in six additional states that were not included. These states are invisible and belong to the Electro Magnetic Spectrum. The 1st three states are: Fields, Waves, & Units
(of electro-Energy) which are scientifically assumed as Energy but have not been applied to define the term Energy correctly. In addition, I am also proposing Three New States of Electro-Energy to exist that science ignored for 167 years. They also belong to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. They are the negative electro-structured states of 0°Kelvin:

1) Temperature (= -273°C/-459°F).
2) Force Equivalence (= strength to do work).
3) Electro-Charge (= negative element of electro-structure) that science was not aware of.

9. In Addition, the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) should have been identified as a (5th) Dimensional state of Existence. The reason being, it is a completely different realm of existence compared to our Four Dimensions of Mass & Time. The Electromagnetic State is an invisible existence that governs the operational wonders of the physical Universe. This identifies The Electromagnetic Spectrum to be very important state of Electro-existence. This proposition introduces a new scientific tool of Dimensional comprehension: The ability to view invisible events.

10. The importance of Mathematics and Representation begins with Albert Einstein’s equation . These symbols represent The Physical Mass Force (which is the Atomic structure). But, when it comes to solving the Universal puzzle, the missing link was not represented with a mathematical Equation until now.   now represents the invisible force of Energy, The Electromagnetic Spectrum and its electro-structures (welcome to The Equation of Natural Physics).

11. Another missing link to solving the Universal puzzle: There exists an obscured view of Scientific Representation that does not apply or define the term ‘Evolution’ correctly. By using scientific expression: The evaluation that should describe the evolutionary progression of natural physics (from simplicity to complexity) is Missing. This in turn would clearly explain the gradual creation of elements in the Universe. Yet, this alone would not be enough, unless we also applied the Evolutionary rules to the philosophy of mathematics; this was not done as well, until now.

12. Furthermore, No Mathematical Theory or Equation existed to accurately represent The Most Common Law of Science. Just the philosophy existed; that Energy cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed.  now represents that Philosophy.

13. Re-Defining the term Perpetual State or Motion: Since 1880’s there have been no corrections or applications that scientifically re-describe the term Perpetual State or Motion that applies to an accurate description of the orbiting state of the Electron (within the atomic structure). Nor has the term been accurately applied to express the mechanisms of a mechanical state in constant motion of the Sun, Moon, Earth, our Galaxy or the Universe. Other than the term Perpetual Motion is scientifically rendered; a physical impossibility when it relates a mythological machine. This is a reflection of old World thinking. In other words, the term Perpetual Motion has been lost to illusory concepts, and needs to be re-directed back towards universal laws of physics. In brief, the inability of human ingenuity should not reflect on the perpetual ability of the Universe. The  reason being, by observation everything is in a perpetual state of constant motion. Constant = unchanging: Perpetual = revolving: Motion = active: State = identity. These terms are necessary for the operation of applications to mathematical formulas.

14. Changing Human History: Every century introduces the age of new discovery that makes a difference to scientific history. This new proposal is one of them that I have been preparing for the past 17 years, since the un-expected discovery. In reality, I am no different than other scientists. The point I am making is that scientific successes have been based on the literary works of our true scientific Hero’s of the past. Therefore, the credit belongs to them for their pioneering ways that made it easier for us.

15. Now, that I have said this. I am a new generation Independent Scientist taking scientific thinking to a new level of intellectual understanding. This is where the realization of new discovery becomes a fundamental part of humanity’s evolutionary advance. This opportunity requests a need for Mediation that introduces the apparent differences between Institutional science & the Independent thinking. This Debate would give the global Science Community an opportunity to witness the scientific facts and allow logical reasoning to embrace this new scientific proposal. In other words, I am introducing what Science wished for, but had never expected, and neither did I, change to Scientific History.

Written Proposal by Independent Scientist (anonymous M.J) 2015

The Unification of


Two Opposite Elements of Electro-Energy formulate Together Into a Third State of Electro Structure = Mass

Pure Energy (+) and (-) 0°Kelvin
Formulate into Atomic Structure


through Electro Field 
Compressions into


Pure Energy cannot be Created nor Destroyed, only Transformed from one allowed state to  another

‘Pure’ Energy now possesses the properties of Mass, and Mass is Transformed back into Energy    

The Chemistry of Universal Mass Evolution