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Universe Temperature = 0°KELVIN (-273°C / -459°F)
Should 0°Kelvin Temperature be Considered a Universal Force
 To do Work?

1. Since 1848, scientific community has identified the cold state of Universal temperature as 0°Kelvin. This is the coldest possible temperature that exists in the Universe and occupies the vast Universal expanse. Recent estimates confirm Universal temperature to have a minor variance of 2.7°C from exact 0°Kelvin = -270.3°C or -454°F. Until now, this permanent state of absolute cold environment has been viewed to be nothing more than just temperature.

2. The laws of thermodynamics define temperature as a standard model of mathematical measurement that is used to calculate the difference between hot and cold. The degree variance compared with Kelvin temperature is converted into Celsius and Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the term Energy is associated only with the force of Heat. Hot temperatures affect the expansion of molecular structures: this describes a force to do work.

3. When it comes to associate the cold state of Kelvin temperature with force, scientific opinion is that cold temperatures are the opposite of energy and are considered to be non-usable. Furthermore, cold temperatures are identified as Entropy: meaning a negative force that works against energy rules of efficiency. In cross-reference, cold is the opposite of expansion: it causes contraction. The effects are: mass shrinks and the structure of molecular motions slow down. In turn, cold temperatures emit a negative force that affects an operational system, which becomes inefficient.

4. This inefficient assumption, now proposes a modern explanation to better understand the forces of nature. Perhaps the negative force of Kelvin temperature has not been fully explored. This creates new theoretical ideas to explain: why extreme cold temperatures emit negative force, which create unexplained phenomena through density effects. It also allows us to conclude, Kelvin temperature still remains partly incomplete: for reasons that we assume, most of the Universe to be dark and empty space.

5. However the facts are, empty space emits extreme cold temperature. For this reason Universal space is not empty. Its state of existence is measurable and its Universal dominance is real. This identifies the unknown nature of Kelvin temperature to possess the environmental effects of Universal influence. In brief, the theoretical assumption is Kelvin temperature interacts with ‘The Laws of Universal Physics’, and it concludes: this unexplained force directly affects Universal mass. It also opens new doors to endless possibilities.

6. This leads us to establish: Kelvin temperature is a permanent Universal force that occupies space and affects the state of all matter. It also concludes, Universal mass behaves according to its environmental effects, directly associated with the extreme cold temperature of Kelvin environment.

7. This leads us to assume: if this strange Universal environment emits invisible temperature, then it must possess the energy properties of a mysterious force. This identifies Kelvin’s bizarre existence radiates invisible thermo emissions, which confirms the phenomena of Kelvin temperature to be an unexplained force. Anything that emits force and causes physical effect: should be considered by its fundamental nature as energy to do work.

8. The rules of Science define force of temperature to possess Potential ability to become Kinetic. These are principal laws that establish the nature of any temperature force to do work. This conclusion derives to our attention: the term 'Energy’ until now has been associated only with the force of thermo heat. These are established rules that apply directly to the laws of ‘Earth Bound Physics’.

9. In other words, this new introduction is based on the non-established laws and rules of ‘Universal Bound Physics’. This is where modern observation, combined with overwhelming physical evidence begins. The natural force of Universal temperature has ability to instantly affect the state of molecular atomic motion and slow down or freeze a physical system. The Question remains, should Kelvin temperature be considered or identified as a ‘Universal Force’ to do work?

10. For example, if a bottle of water were placed into Kelvin environment, it would freeze instantly. The cold thermo effect is able to change the liquid structure of atomic mass in a split second. The rules of Science need to consider this extreme force to be physical evidence, which identify Kelvin temperature to possess the mysterious nature of energy to do work.

11. Scientific experiments have revealed, extreme cold temperatures have amazing ability to change the behavior of electromagnetic fields in mass, when Permanent Magnets are frozen in liquid nitrogen. As a result, their physical performance displays the wonders of levitation effects by rotating and hovering in mid air. In brief, the extreme cold affect evolves new laws of structural physics in confined space by compressing the operational mechanics in atomic systems.

12. The cold thermo affect, compresses the Electron orbit inwards, bringing it closer towards the center Proton. This is where the shrinkage of mass at atomic levels, binds the tiny micro fields of electromagnetic force into a central point. This phenomenon generates new rules of performance in the mechanics of atomic mass, which forge the evolution of atomic design into electro-mass hemispheres. This creates an electromagnetic Axis within the atomic centers of condensed mass, giving rise to rules of stability.

13. The cold temperature effect, re-designs electro-structure by creating new governing rules within atomic electro-mass. The negative compressions enforce the rules of atomic evolution, using Kelvin’s thermo-laws, which are assisted by inertia spin in electron motions. This generates independent movements, allowing atoms to re-group into organized systems of electro-clusters, while guided by polarity hemispheres in Universal darkness. These influences create evolution of atomic nature to assemble and organize into rotational systems of electro-masses. These Celestial masses will gradually accumulate over time into larger groups of evolving masses: thus giving rise to new electro-phenomena. The birth of Gravity with orbiting mass systems as internal evolution continues.

14. This concludes: that if a state of existence emits temperature, it must have energy values to do work, which leads us to establish the vacuum of space is not entirely empty. This was confirmed by two satellite probes: US, COBE in 1989 and Euro Planck Satellite in 2009. That measured in all directions a distinctive microwave frequency resonating at (-270.3°C/-454°F) to be the characteristic signature of Kelvin electro-temperature, it quotes: ‘without a doubt’. In other words, Kelvin temperature possesses an electro-charge that emits an electro-frequency. To be exact: 1-meter or 3.3 ft. length of electro-force.

15. These findings introduce proof that Kelvin is not only temperature, but also possesses a distinctive structure of an electro-wave. Which confirms electro-energy to have wave-ability to radiate Universal electro-temperature throughout the vacuum of space. This identifies Kelvin to be an Electromagnetic existence that radiates the effects of cold temperature. This extreme temperature combined with the force of electro-charge: proposes Universal temperature exists as a unique electro-state, possessing ‘Energy Force Equivalence’ that is equal to (-273°C or        -459°F). These findings introduce Kelvin state to possess three separate forces of Energy:         
1) Temperature
2) Force Equivalence
3) Electro-charge.

16. More importantly, all three states can be mathematically measured. This is where the rules of Energy can be applied to conclude: These three invisible forces possess Potential ability to become Kinetic by transmitting its temperature force effects through: Radiation, Convection or Conduction.

17. This identifies Kelvin temperature to be a Universal force to do work, and should be considered a 5th Force of nature, occupying a new electro-Dimensional realm. That can be measured in three electro-wave-Dimensions: height, depth and width. This new Dimensional proposal will be introduced in part 2 of this Thesis, which can be applied to identify the invisible forces governing our physical Universe.

18.  In brief, the findings conclude Universal space is occupied by an ‘Invisible Dark Force’ that emits an unusual electro-charge of cold thermo-wave radiation, which leads us to Question: where does Kelvin electro-temperature come from? The obvious conclusion is: Universal temperature derives from evolution of microwaves, which originates from an Electromagnetic source that generates negative thermo-wave emissions. And use wave frequency as a medium to transport its extreme Universal temperature effects.

19. These source emissions point to radiant Gravity waves or ‘Black Bodies with Dense Celestial Masses’, evolve into cold thermo-electro emissions. Thus maintaining the mysterious wave phenomena of Kelvin electro-temperature. Until now, Kelvin temperature has remained elusive and un-explored, and has evaded science (since its discovery in 1848) by completely ignoring its existence to be insignificant temperature only = (-270.3°C/-454°F).

20. This inverted electro-wave phenomenon is being identified as ‘Reversed Electromagnetic Physics’: meaning an abnormal state of electro-physics, existing on the electro-opposite side of ‘The Electromagnetic Spectrum’. However strange it sounds, there is evidence to support the idea. A hypothesis proposes: the force of negative electro-pressure has ability to invert atomic evolution into electro-opposite wave structures: by collapsing the atomic electro-fields. Thus creating electro-polarity inversion that radiates cold thermo-wave emissions.

21. This is where, the rules of science define: all matter radiates thermo Electromagnetic waves that have a temperature value greater than absolute zero. These factors introduce: thermo-waves exist in electro-opposite states with temperature wave-variances that need identification. This proposes to establish a ‘Thermo-Magnetic Chart of Electro-Structures’.

22. The hypothesis suggests Kelvin temperature could be negative (-) structured electromagnetic state. This idea is supported by a new mathematical theory “The Symetrix of Time”, which identifies the negative electro-state of Kelvin environment, using the minus (-) symbol.

23. The theory proposes Universal space is a negative (-) electro-charged state, occupied by Kelvin electro-temperature: declaring ‘Universal Space’ to be an Entity of its own by allowing existence to occupy its nature. The equation PE=c+/d- represents an entirely new observation in Dimensional existence: using established laws that formulate the elements of electro-energy into a 3rd state of electro-structure = E=mc². This gives rise to mass evolution, explained in part two.

24. In brief, evidence indicates Kelvin electro-environment possesses the influential force in ‘Universal Dominance’. The reason being: the presence of mass has evolved in its environmental domain. This is where the governing rules of mass-evolution, are established by the pre-existing state of Kelvin thermo-electro environment. The theory proposes: Universal laws of performance have gradually evolved to the adapting rule of exact (-270.3°C/-454°F) Kelvin temperature. This introduces new theoretical implications to: how the Universe operates and may better explain, how the Universe began and other mysterious phenomena: such as Dark force, Dark matter and Anti-matter.

25. Evidence indicate Kelvin’s thermo electro-environment possesses the fundamental nature for Universal elements to exist, as it ensures the continuous fabrication and stability of Universal Mass Evolution. It also proposes, Kelvin temperature derived through a gradual transition of Universal mass evolution. This is where vacuum of Universal space maintains its mysterious preservation of negative thermo electro-environment by its extraordinary state of dark, invisible and elusive electro-isolation.

26. This proposal represents a modern idea with a new understanding of Universal Laws. Whereas, the effects of variable temperatures in the degree scale, whether the source emissions are of thermo heat or extreme cold: should be considered by energy laws, as a measurement of force to do work. By applying Energy factors of Temperature equals Pressure: Pressure equals Force: Force = Work. This simple formulation, combined with the complexity of a unique electro-charge. Proposes the state of Kelvin electro-temperature has evolved into a governing force in Universal dominance.

27. Evidence clearly indicates that within the realm of the known forces. The state of Kelvin temperature is unlike any other force in the Universe, with electro-ability to instantly change behavior laws in structural physics and produce the wonders of Universal complexity. It concludes, the mysterious aspect of Kelvin electro-temperature, embraces all the known forces of nature and comprehensively unifies the mysterious phenomenon of a Dark Universal Force: that interacts with laws of universal physics.

28. This proposal is aimed at exploring the unknown forces of nature that surround us with Universal significance. While the scientific question remains: is Kelvin, a state of insignificant temperature only, or has this thesis changed your outlook towards Universal temperature…?

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